Travel Permit/Document

Travel Permit/Document

Issuance of Travel Permit allowing due repatriation to Bangladesh is subject to the clearance of the Embassy as well as of the concerned Bangladesh authorities.  So, the applicant seeking /the authority requesting for/the organization facilitating voluntary repatriation may refrain from making payment until clearance is confirmed by the Embassy.

a. Duly filled-in the Application Form
b. Three color photographs with white background taken recently within the last six months;
c. Valid document in support of Bangladesh identity such as present passport;
d. Person to appear for consular interview, if necessary;

Fee: 3-5 days delivery time for Regular US$ 12.00 / Same day delivery for Urgent US$ 24.00

Method of payment: Bank Transfer

Receiving & Delivery Time:
Application and requirements receive at the counter on Monday to Friday between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. except holidays. Delivery time is from 01:00 – 03:30 pm. Please get in touch with us beforehand to authorize your process: