General Information Visa

General Information Visa

All foreign nationals who intend to visit Bangladesh for various purposes must fill up Online Application for Bangladesh Machine Readable Visa at and submit the same. The applicant would take a print out of the submitted application with enrolled number and send the same to the Embassy of Bangladesh in Mexico City along with the following documents i.e. requiremennts to process the Visa:

FEE: Please tender the exact amount in the form of bank transfer to the ‘Embassy of Bangladesh’. Personal checks or Cash are not accepted. To check visa processing fee Click Here.

NO REFUNDS: Fees, once received, cannot be refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or service cannot be rendered.

(a) Fill-up online Visa Applicantion Form please;
(b) The original passport;
(c) Two passport-size color photograph with white background taken recently within the last six months;
(d) Required visa processing fees as applicable in respect of different countries;
(e) Documents required against each category of Visa Application;
(f) Hotel reservation and
(g) Flight booking.

All foreign citizens need their valid national passports to visit Bangladesh except the holders of Certificate/Laissiez-passer issued by the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies, Continuous Discharge Certificate/Nullies/Seaman book (when travelling on duty). Citizens of most countries require valid visa to enter Bangladesh. The types and categories differ according to the purpose of visit, length of stay and bilateral arrangement with the country of the foreign national.

Please note that visitors who intend to stay more than 30 days or need multiple entry visa, should apply to the Bangladesh Embassy/Consulates prior to their departure for Bangladesh.

Visa on Arrival for Travelers: Visa on arrival for eligible travelers will be given for a period of not more than 30 days’ single entry. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry (i.e. airports, land-ports etc.) will approve this after examining all relevant documents after his/her full satisfaction. The travelers who wish to take visa on arrival at a Bangladesh port of entry must do the following:  (a)fees has to be submitted in cash in US$/Euro/Pound Sterling (b) travelers other than those on Government duty must have a minimum of US$ 500 in cash or in credit card with them (c) must possess a return ticket if they come for a short time.

Visa on Arrival for Officers/Staff of Foreign Embassies/UN and Specialized Agencies located in Bangladesh: Visa on arrival may be given to officers/staff of foreign Embassies, UN and subsidiary organizations located in Bangladesh after scrutinizing their appointment letters and other related travel documents.

Visa on Arrival for Bangladeshi Origin Foreign Citizens: Spouse and children of Bangladeshi origin foreign citizens may also be eligible for visa on arrival upon satisfaction of the Immigration Officer at the port of entry to show the proof that he/she is/was a Bangladeshi origin (such as citizenship certificate, current/expired Bangladeshi passport), if any.

No Visa Seal (NVR): The Bangladesh Embassy in Mexico City also issues “No Visa Required (NVR)” seal / sticker for traveling to Bangladesh in favour of Bangladesh-origin citizens of some foreign countries and their family members (spouse and children), except SAARC countries. This endorsement allows them multiple entries into Bangladesh with no restriction on duration of stay within the validity of the passport. Click here for more information on “No Visa Required (NVR)” seal / sticker and procedure for submission of application.

Processing time for Visa:

Application and requirements are received at the counter between 09:30 and 12:30 pm;  Monday to Friday, except holidays. Delivery time is from 1:00-3:30 pm.

Usual visa application processing time would be two weeks. Therefore, applicants are requested to send their application well in advance so that the Embassy can process his or her visa request in a timely manner.

  •  Please duly fill-in the application form and fulfill all requirements to avoid any delay in processing;
  • Any misrepresentation of facts may lead to cancellation of visa at any time.

Visa Fees:

Country Single Entry Multiple Entry
Mexico US$ 40.00 US$ 106.00
Panama US$ 11.00 US$ 22.00
Hondurus US$ 12.00 US$ 24.00
Costa Rica US$ 15.00 US$ 30.00
Ecuador US$ 11.00 US$ 22.00


Payable only through bank transfer.

Online Application Form / Visa Application Form (Hard Copy in PDF format)

Visa Processing Fees 

Additional Visa Forms for Defense Personnel and Family Members

For further enquiry:

Please dial: +52-55-5540-4740