Customs and baggage

Customs and baggage

There are three different Baggage Rules issued by the National Board of Revenue.

  1. Passenger (Non Tourist) Baggage (Import) Rules, 2016
  2. Air Passenger Unaccompanied Baggage (Export) Rules, 1999
  3. Tourists Baggage (Import) Rules, 1981

These rules are framed to provide duty concession and benefits to passengers and travelers, either tourist or non-tourist.

Passengers carrying dutiable goods must fill a baggage declaration form mentioning description and quantity of goods that they have brought.


Facilities for Non-Tourists

Non-tourist passengers enjoy certain privileges and duty exemption under Passenger (Non-Tourist) Baggage (Import) Rules, 2016. Non-tourist passengers coming through air and sea enjoy two types of benefites:

(1)   Duty free import of personal effects, books, magazines, portable professional equipment etc. under baggage.

Moreover, duty free facility is given for the items (mobile phone 2 sets and all other items not more than one of each item) contained in Schedule 3 of this Baggage Rules.  Each passenger is also entitled duty free import of gold ornaments not exceeding 100 grams or silver ornaments not exceeding 200 grams (one type of ornament not more than 12 pieces).

For details on duty free allowances for non-tourists, go to Passenger Info ->Duty Free Allowances ->Non-Tourists Duty Free Allowances.

(2)   Household goods and personal effects contained in Schedule 2 will be cleared on payment of fixed/specific duties and taxes. Schedule 2 specifies a list of such items that are subject to fixed /specific duties and taxes.

For details on such baggage allowances for non-tourists, go to Passenger Info ->Duty Free Allowances ->Non-Tourists Baggage Allowances.

Travelers entering the country through land ports are entitled to a duty free allowance for goods of a maximum value of US$400.

All non-tourist passengers are required to submit Baggage Declaration Form to the Customs Authority mentioned in Schedule 1 of this Baggage Rules.

To download the baggage declaration form, go to Passenger Info ->Baggage Declaration Form -> Non-Tourist Baggage Declaration Form.

Upon completion of Immigration formalities on arrival, passengers take delivery of their baggage from the conveyor belts in the Customs hall and pass through Customs.

To download the Passenger (Non-Tourist) Baggage (Import) Rules, 2016, click on the download option available at the right side.

Facilities for Tourists

Tourists who visit Bangladesh for a period of more than twenty four hours but not more than six months and do not get engaged in any gainful or remunerative profession or calling in Bangladesh are entitled to duty free import of personal effects, jewelry, binocular, photographic camera,  non-professional video camera, personal computer, physical aids etc.

To download the Tourist Baggage (Import) Rules, 1981, click on the download option available at the right side.

Facilities for Air Passengers (for Unaccompanied Baggage)

Under the Air Passengers Unaccompanied Baggage (Export) Rules, 1999baggage means reasonable quantity of used or new clothes and other personal effects and gift items.

To download the SRO/Rules, click on the download option available at the right side.

Under this Rules, Customs authority permits export of unaccompanied baggage of outgoing air passengers on fulfilment of three conditions. These are:

a)      Unaccompanied baggage has to be presented before the concerned airlines counter at least 3 hours before the start of the journey of the passenger; the baggage will have to undergo security scanning through the scanning machine.

b)      The passenger will have to submit a declaration in IATA Standard Shipper’s Declaration Form ( to the counter stating that the baggage does not contain any commercial, export prohibited or illegal goods.

c)       The concerned airlines officer shall inform the authorized Customs Officer (Assistant Commissioner or above) about the baggage as soon as the same (baggage) is presented before him/her. 

The Customs Authority, if it considers necessary, may scan or physically examine the baggage.

Baggage Clearance Facilities:

There are two options for passengers to pass through Customs. These are- Green Channel and Red Channel.

Green Channel: This channel is designed for passengers carrying no dutiable goods. However, if the Customs officer on duty has any reasonable basis to suspect that a passenger is carrying dutiable goods, he/she may challenge a passenger passing through the green channel.

Red Channel: This channel is designed for passengers carrying, or having in possession of, dutiable goods.

It is to be noted that passengers shall ensure that they make correct declaration of baggage.

Duties and Taxes for Importation of Commercial Quantity:

If any passenger brings in items in excess of or different from items specified in schedule 2 and schedule 3 (excepting restricted or prohibited items under Import Policy Order or any other law or regulation), such items will be released on production of import permit from the CCI&E office and payment of duties and taxes and fine and penalty (in applicable cases) through adjudication.