Bangladesh Mexico Trade and Economic Relationship

Bangladesh Mexico Trade and Economic Relationship

Mexico is Bangladesh’s important trading partner. Bangladesh’s export to Mexico is rising since the opening of its diplomatic mission in 2012. In 2017, two-way trade between both nations amounted to US$274.7 million. Bangladesh exported worth $ 252.52 million, with more that 90 percent being the clothing items. From Mexico perspective, however, Bangladesh is a small trading partner.

Export to Mexico: In Bangladeshi export basket to Mexico is dominated by the apparels. The other major export items include cotton, textiles, footwear and leather products.
Major Imports from Mexico: Bangladesh’s major imports from Mexico include – medicine, beer, tequila.

Investment Opportunities
Investment Attractiveness of Bangladesh:

  • Largely homogenous society
  • Democratic country with broad  support for market oriented economic policies
  • Steady 6+ GDP growth for the last ten years
  • Abundant supply of disciplined, easily trainable and low–cost work force with increasing supply of professionals, technologists, mid and low level skilled workers.
  • Training expenditure of the employer is exempted from income tax.
  • English proficiency of the workers in general
  • Active encouragement for Foreign Private Investment with legal protection – Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection Act 1980)
  • Bangladesh exports enjoy EBA (Everything but Arms) to EU and GSP in most of the developed countries including Japan and Australia.
  • Bangladesh has bilateral agreements to avoid double taxation with 31 countries including China.
  • 4621 Bangladeshi products enjoy duty free and quota free access to Chinese market.

Investment Facilities –fiscal and non-fiscal:

  • Repatriation of dividend and full capital at exit
  • Foreign investment enjoys 5 years of tax holidays in Dkaha and Chittagong divisions while 07 years in other places
  • Duty free imports of machineries and spares for 80% or more exporting industries
  • Up to 90% loan facilities against letter of credits
  • Cash incentives and export subsidies of selected products ranges

Trade Policy of Bangladesh
Export Policy: The Export Policy 2012-15 is targeted to have a liberalized trade regime, encouraging labor intensive export-oriented production, augmenting productivity and diversification of products.

Import Policy: The Import Policy Order, 2012-2015 has been issued in exercise of the powers conferred by the section 3(1) of the Import and Export (Control) Act 1950.

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